Basic Technical Course

Properly learning the basic driving technique is fundamental to be able to conduct your own vehicle safely and then evolve your own guide without bringing some common mistakes of the “DIY” (many tutorials seen on the internet are a weapon Double-edged). The course is therefore aimed at both those who approach the world of MTB but also to those who want to correct their mistakes to make a leap of quality later.

We will depart from the fundamentals by tapping:

  • MTB positioning and management of the Biker + bicycle
  • Educational progression on braking: from the correct management of braking, front and rear, to the management of brakes on steep
  • Didactic progression for the execution of the curves: from the external load to the curves in support
  • Overcoming obstacles: Lifting the front and rear wheels with the correct technique
  • Management of the Saddle

At the end of the course we would have acquired the awareness of what needs to be done in the headlights: through the vision of the films we will do during the course and together with the exercises proposed we will know how and where to improve. The course and the next practice, represent the starting point to face our excursions with more security and therefore fun and even less hassle!